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Here are all your favourite Scar Tissue Clothing core curved hem fitted tees and t-shirts, and some of the select styles launched over the years at Scar Tissue Clothing. From Camo & Floral Tees, to Straight Hem Distressed Tee's, and not forgetting our Oversized on-trend styles. Scar Tissue has them all. Regardless if new in or sale items, all are listed here.

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What is the difference between Longline, Oversized and Curved Hem Fitted Tees?

It's all about the bottom of the t-shirt, which is known as the hemline. If it is listed as a curved hem tee, then this hem line will be curved. A straight hem will mean this is in a straight line hem. Longline means the t-shirt is longer than usual but the rest of the fit is the same, while an oversized tee means it is bigger all over often with drop shoulder sleeves.

Where can I buy Curved Hem Fitted Tees?

Either here on site or via our retailers. We produce a full range of Curved Hem tee's in a range of colours including white, black, grey, khaki green, burgundy red and navy blue.

Is there a size guide for t-shirts?

Yes, we have a general size guide here but pay special attention to the description as some styles might be classified as oversized which is larger than the average sizing.

Do you have T-shirts on Sale?

Yes. Look out for the bubble over the image which indicates if the item is new in, on sale, or sold out.

What sizes do your tees come in?

They can vary from extra small (XS), small (S), medium (M), large (L), extra large (XL), to extra, extra Large (XXL). On this T-Shirt Category page each Tee has the size break under the image, and is crossed out where unavailable.

Where can I find your best-selling t-shirts?

If they are not in this category, simply drop us a message and we can look for you. Some of the curved hem tee styles can sell very fast, but we can try and find these for you or source which of our retailers still have stock.

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