Who Are Scar Tissue Clothing?

Have you noticed that geometric looking logo on face’s such as Chet Sket or Lewis Bloor? Well that’s us here at Scar Tissue. We are a contemporary urban brand, Influenced by the street roots of our brand. Our aim is to fill the gap in the menswear market for upscale streetwear.

Let me tell you a bit about our vision. Our logo is designed around the seed of life symbol, this quirky looking logo symbolises the first 7 stages of creation, this mirrors our designing and making process. The flower of life represents new beginnings, we are the start of a new generation in streetwear and this is our kickoff. Despite the scientific reasoning behind the seed of life symbol, it is a pretty suave design too. We design a full range of clothes from relaxed tee’s to the distinctive two piece tracksuits.

We will never be the ordinary menswear brand, we are always striving for our designs to be unique. Each collection is based on a concept which changes from season to season. Every collection is designed to supremacy. There is no compromising throughout creation, the vision from the beginning is something we have never strayed from.

We are proud to have our first retailer on board already in Thomas Gun and the giants of Urban Celebrity and Online Attire quickly followed. Foot Asylum have also placed an order so big things are happening.

Who is wearing scar tissue?

When you’re pumping in fresh ideas, there is only one outcome, accomplishment. Everyone wants to be successful, so when you see an interest you always want to unite with that idea. As you can see Scar Tissue has taken a great significance to the modern menswear market, with personalities such as Ross Worswick & Sean Pratt (Ex on the Beach), John Clark & Lewis Bloor (Towie), Scott Thomas (Love island),Wayne Lineker and many more fashion icons repping our logo.

Scar Tissue started up targeting the mens fashion market. With our knowledge of the fashion industry we knew Scar tissue wouldn’t stick to a specific gender. You ladies all love a baggy tee to style with some knee high boots, this is exactly how the girls are representing our garments. Names such as Marnie Simpson (Geordie Shore), Jemma lucy (Ex on the Beach), Zahida Allen (MTV) all looking great in our range.

Since Scar Tissue first launched in late 2016, we have grown from strength to strength, and we have no plans on stopping. We design to please our customers and constantly listen out for any feedback you have. The target is to consistently produce quality high-end streetwear. Our ranges are informed by our customers along side everyday life inspiration, and we would love to welcome you into our family.

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