Who's Been Wearing Scar Tissue Clothing?

Who has been seen wearing Scar Tissue Clothing

We love a bit of Celebrity Gossip here at Scar Tissue, and it's lucky that in the press office we are allowed to sit on social for most of the day browsing Instagram and Facebook. And there is nothing we like better than seeing our clothes on some of these famous people when browsing. It gives us a such a buzz.

Just over a year ago Scar Tissue launched, who would have thought it would have had such the success rate. With only competing in two seasons, Scar Tissue has really made its mark in the clothing industry.

The support from everyone has been truly amazing, customers all over the world purchasing and big named celebrities being seen in our clothing brand. Gaz Beadle a familiar face from MTVs hit show Geordie Shore, and is rarely seen out of 11 Degrees. He is certainly someone who has fell in love with our brand. Gary has featured twice in popular OK Magazine recently, both times pictured wearing two of our different Scar Tissue Trucker caps.

Gaz Beadle Geordie Shore

Gaz Beadle Trucker Cap

Two other very popular faces from MTVs show Ex on the Beach (and Couture Club co-owner) Ross Worswick and Jem Lucy also thought highly of the clothing brand when they both wanted to get involved in our first photo shoot for the brand. From there on, we always knew that Scar Tissue would be competing with the best brands in the world and we’d continue to produce the highest quality of garments.

Jemma Lucy Ex on the Beach

Jemma Lucy Clothing Brand

Ross Warwick Ex on the Beach

Ross Worswick Clothing Brand

With the growing audience of people watching ITV2s hit show Love Island over the year, we was more than happy when Harley Judge from the most recent series was pictured wearing our burgundy and camel swim shorts on holiday.

Harley Judge Love Island

Harley Judge Clothing Brand/>
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With constant support we believe that the Scar Tissue family will continue to grow and the success of the clothing brand will continue to attract many more celebrities what want to be Finn McCool. With already having found our selves in the wardrobes of Calum Best, Kyle Christie, Nathan Henry (Geordie Shore), Rykard Jenkins (Love Island), Sam Thompson (Made in Chelsea), Hayley Fanshaw, Wayne Lineker (Ocean Beach) and Jon & Chris Clark (Towie), we hope to be continuing this relationship and find ourselves to continue growing.


Ellie Weekender Ex Made In chelsea

The Only Way is Essex

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