What is the difference between snapbacks and trucker hats?

What is the difference between snapbacks and trucker hats?

There is often confusion over what cap is what style, and rightly so. The Snapback actually refers to the fastening strap, where the little clips and snapped into the hole. So technically your favourite hat could be a strapback. There is little information about the hat making process so it's lucky that Scar Tissue Clothing are famed for having the best made around. They are our best sellers for a reason, so we were lucky that the guys at Fashion Design Solutions were able to give us an education on the difference between trucker hats and baseball caps and explain the background and difference types.

Baseball caps come in a variety of styles, and now colloquially called Snapbacks after the fastener at the back. Originating in 1860 as part of a baseball team uniform to keep the sun out of eyes, it modernised in the 1940's more in keeping with it's appearance now. In the 60s they became common as local merchandising promotional giveaways, often for automobile companies, giving the name Trucker hats for the style with the mesh.

You can actually blame Tom Selleck for their exploding popularity, with his 80s Magnum P.I character the first sex symbol to wear it and many copied. In the 90s everyone saw the opportunity to use it for promotional reasons, and it became a big part of popular pop culture. The association with Hip-Hop really started here, with it often being worn backwards. Before I start rambling about Kris Kross backwards jeans, lets break them down. Ultimately it comes down to constructed hats with the buckram button holding it together, or the unconstructed & floppy caps. Then you have the bill or peak, which is either a hip-hop style flat, or a curved dad hat. But here are some terms you may have heard that might be easier to explain. For reference please see the full range of Caps.


Named after the plastic adjustable strap where it snaps into place to lock it in the chosen fit. To make things confusing, this can be on a range of hats including trucker and baseball, so the term is based on the adjuster rather than the type of hat. The common Snapback urbanwear style comes with a flat peak.



As above but using a strap made of plastic or leather and a tightener, usually a metal bar through a hole technique.


Usually made of plastic mesh and foam rather than cotton so more breathable by nature, these are more suited to outdoors and sport. The game was upped by exchanging the foam for suede like this top seller the Black Suede . These are fast becoming the ideal summer hat due to the ideal ventilation for those hot days,

black trucker cap

5 Panel

Straight out of New York and the skater parks, and adapted for fashionistas. The five panels consists of two top panels, two side panels and a front panel (or 2 on the 6 panel). Usually made with a cotton twill, these are literally panels sewn up and held together by the button. These are the common snapback method, so a peak panel is literally a panel hat like this, with a peak, just like the:

The Dad Hat (aka Baseball Cap)

A favourite of ours as we prefer the curved peak, this is an old school baseball cap style hat that is practical as well as stylish. Perhaps more favoured by the older generation which still laments after its missing youth, its a classic style that will never go out of fashion.

script dad hat

Flat Peak

Hip-Hip style flat peak rather than curved. This can be carefully manipulated to curve as required and usually consisting of plastic or cardboard to stiffen or high end PU Leather (leather coated with a layer of polyurethane) which is harder to bend. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as shows it will keep its shape for many years to come.

flat peak snapback