Scar Tissue and Love Island

This summer we loved nothing better than watching Love Island on ITV, and it's safe to say we are big fans in the Scar Tissue office, In our research for our huge Who's Been Wearing Scar Tissue Clothing? blog we were amazed at how many ex-cast members have been spotted wearing our clothes.

Love Island as we know it has been around for three series, but it actually started in 2005 as Celebrity Love Island to rival Big Brother. It dropped the "celebrity" the year after (as non-celebs joined them), and was won by Calum Best (who also appeared in series one). Arguably the most recognisable name for 20 somethings now, back then the model was mostly known as the son of the legendary footballer George Best. Suffice to say, it launched his reality TV career, ensuring he'd be drafted in to many shows in the future. By a twist of fate he was part of the winning pair with another (adopted) child of a gifted footballer equally known for his drinking as his talents on the pitch, Bianca Gasgoigne, who were reunited in the 19th Series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Fast forward ten years and ITV execs were likely still looking for a rival to Big Brother and the first series of the revamp came onto our screens as a flagship ITV2 programme. Switching from Fiji to the budget friendly Mallorca, Budget was also saved by not having any celebrities take part, but instead a selection of fame hungry beautiful people aiming to win a cash prize of £50'000. The format required people to be in a couple to avoid elimination, introducing a wonderful option to "recouple", which we all must have considered at some time in ours lives. This series was won by Max Morley (later appearing in Ex on the Beach) and Jon Clark (of The Only Way is Essex fame) second. Both proving that the show could spring board to a future TV career.

Also appearing in this series was was Jordan Ring, bringing our Love Island Scar Tissue wearers to 4 at this stage. (cont. below)

Love Island 2006 Winner Calum Best

Calum Best love island

Love Island 2015 Winner Max Morley

max morley love island

Love Island 2015 Runner-up Jon Clark

Jon Clark Love Island

Jordan Ring

Jordan Ring love island

Love Island Series 2 and 3

Series 2 brought a wealth of handsome men to the party. Rykard Jenkins became the first person to leave voluntarily on the show. But add Scott Thomas, Adam Maxted, Terry Walsh, and Tom Powell to take the Love Island Scar Tissue Family our tally to 9.

The most recent series brought Simon Searles, Harley Judge and Nathan Joseph to our screens, and later into our clothes, making it a whopping 12 that we have spied. If you've spotted anyone else, let us know.

Love Islands Scott Thomas and Simon Searles

Scotty T Si Searles love island

Love Islands Harley Judge

harley judge love island

Love Islands Nathan Joseph

nathan joseph love island

Love Islands Rykard Jenkins

Love Islands Thomas Powell

Thomas Powell love island

Love Islands Adam Maxted

adam maxted love island