How to be a Fashion Brand Ambassador

How do you make money from Instagram

Who doesn't dream of being Instafamous, with free clothes, big pay checks and a jetset lifestyle? We get so many Instagram messages about sponsorship, we actually started a Fashion Brand Ambassador Program just to meet demand. The culture to get something for nothing is growing, and having a job title of Social Influencer is now a career choice not a fall-back. So what choice does a young person have these days to make money on Instagram or Facebook? When an onlyfans account is not an option, becoming a fashion brand ambassador is a realistic goal. Yes, people who look good in clothes can influence others. This is a marketable attribute, particularly if their social reach is far and wide.

Who Gets Paid the Most from Instagram Posts?

Well many Social Influencers struggle to keep up with the Kardashians who are rumoured to earn somewhere between $250’000 to $500’000 dollars a post and make up half of the Top 10 Instagram Earners . Multi-talented Selena Gomez leverages her record 122 Million followers to command the top of the list, but this dreamland for any wannabee social influencer.

While even Brighton local Zoella estimated £10’000 a post seems a more realistic aim, it has to be considered she has 11 million Instagram followers. She also kicked off her internet stardom back in 2009 with a blog (so I have a chance right?), moving to Youtube is where she really took off. But this was not by fluke, this was years of hard work and clever networking.

But of course the McInstant generation are used to everything at their fingertips and demand immediate gratification. The return to our TV screens of Office favourite Love Island is a timely reminder of how someone’s world can be turned upside down. Forget the £50K winners prize, the clamour is for celebrity endorsements which can top £2 Million. From obscurity to having an agent bombarding clothing brands for paid posts, all before they have even unpacked their swimwear.

How do you become a Clothing Brand Ambassador

Let’s look back to the original urban wear brand ambassador Geordie Shores Gary Beadle. Before 11 Degrees came along, it is a relatively little-known fact that Gaz was the owner of Project 722, the first shop that stocked Sik Silk brand clothes. Apparently Gaz was so enamoured with the clothing hat he decided to put his full weight behind the brand. With his celebrity endorsement on social media,