• Scar Tissue and Love Island

    This summer we loved nothing better than watching Love Island on ITV, and it's safe to say we are big fans in the Scar Tissue office, In our research for our huge Who's Been Wearing Scar Tissue Clothing? blog we were amazed at how many ex-cast members have been spotted wearing our clothes.

    Love Island as we know it has been around for three series, but it actually started in 2005 as Celebrity Love Island to rival Big Brother. It dropped the "celebrity" the year after (as non-celebs joined them), and was won by Calum Best (who also appeared in series one). Arguably the most recognisable name for 20 somethings now, back then the model was mostly known as the son of the legendary footballer George Best. Suffice to say, it launched his reality TV career, ensuring he'd be drafted in to many shows in the future. By a twist of fate he was part of the winning pair with another (adopted) child of a gifted footballer equally known for his drinking as his talents on the pitch, Bianca Gasgoigne, who were reunited in the 19th Series of Celebrity Big Brother.

    Fast forward ten years and ITV execs were likely still looking for a rival to Big Brother and the first series of the revamp came onto our screens as a flagship ITV2 programme. Switching from Fiji to the budget friendly Mallorca, Budget was also saved by not having any celebrities take part, but instead a selection of fame hungry beautiful people aiming to win a cash prize of £50'000. The format required people to be in a couple to avoid elimination, introducing a wonderful option to "recouple", which we all must have considered at some time in ours lives. This series was won by Max Morley (later appearing in Ex on the Beach) and Jon Clark (of The Only Way is Essex fame) second. Both proving that the show could spring board to a future TV career.

    Also appearing in this series was was Jordan Ring, bringing our Love Island Scar Tissue wearers to 4 at this stage. (cont. below)

    Love Island 2006 Winner Calum Best

    Calum Best love island

    Love Island 2015 Winner Max Morley

    max morley love island

    Love Island 2015 Runner-up Jon Clark

    Jon Clark Love Island

    Jordan Ring

    Jordan Ring love island

    Love Island Series 2 and 3

    Series 2 brought a wealth of handsome men to the party. Rykard Jenkins became the first person to leave voluntarily on the show. But add Scott Thomas, Adam Maxted, Terry Walsh, and Tom Powell to take the Love Island Scar Tissue Family our tally to 9.

    The most recent series brought Simon Searles, Harley Judge and Nathan Joseph to our screens, and later into our clothes, making it a whopping 12 that we have spied. If you've spotted anyone else, let us know.

    Love Islands Scott Thomas and Simon Searles

    Scotty T Si Searles love island

    Love Islands Harley Judge

    harley judge love island

    Love Islands Nathan Joseph

    nathan joseph love island

    Love Islands Rykard Jenkins

    Love Islands Thomas Powell

    Thomas Powell love island

    Love Islands Adam Maxted

    adam maxted love island
  • Who's Been Wearing Scar Tissue Clothing?

    Who has been seen wearing Scar Tissue Clothing

    We love a bit of Celebrity Gossip here at Scar Tissue, and it's lucky that in the press office we are allowed to sit on social for most of the day browsing Instagram and Facebook. And there is nothing we like better than seeing our clothes on some of these famous people when browsing. It gives us a such a buzz.

    Just over a year ago Scar Tissue launched, who would have thought it would have had such the success rate. With only competing in two seasons, Scar Tissue has really made its mark in the clothing industry.

    The support from everyone has been truly amazing, customers all over the world purchasing and big named celebrities being seen in our clothing brand. Gaz Beadle a familiar face from MTVs hit show Geordie Shore, and is rarely seen out of 11 Degrees. He is certainly someone who has fell in love with our brand. Gary has featured twice in popular OK Magazine recently, both times pictured wearing two of our different Scar Tissue Trucker caps.

    Gaz Beadle Geordie Shore

    Gaz Beadle Trucker Cap

    Two other very popular faces from MTVs show Ex on the Beach (and Couture Club co-owner) Ross Worswick and Jem Lucy also thought highly of the clothing brand when they both wanted to get involved in our first photo shoot for the brand. From there on, we always knew that Scar Tissue would be competing with the best brands in the world and we’d continue to produce the highest quality of garments.

    Jemma Lucy Ex on the Beach

    Jemma Lucy Clothing Brand

    Ross Warwick Ex on the Beach

    Ross Worswick Clothing Brand

    With the growing audience of people watching ITV2s hit show Love Island over the year, we was more than happy when Harley Judge from the most recent series was pictured wearing our burgundy and camel swim shorts on holiday.

    Harley Judge Love Island

    Harley Judge Clothing Brand/>
<img src=

    With constant support we believe that the Scar Tissue family will continue to grow and the success of the clothing brand will continue to attract many more celebrities. With already having found our selves in the wardrobes of Calum Best, Kyle Christie, Nathan Henry (Geordie Shore), Rykard Jenkins (Love Island), Sam Thompson (Made in Chelsea), Hayley Fanshaw, Wayne Lineker (Ocean Beach) and Jon & Chris Clark (Towie), we hope to be continuing this relationship and find ourselves to continue growing.


    Ellie Weekender Ex Made In chelsea

    The Only Way is Essex

    Music and DJ’s


    Sport stars


  • What's Our Seed of Life Logo all about

    Seed of Life Logo

    The Urban Street wear fashion scene has been buzzing over the clothing brand with the Geometric Circle Logo and we have constantly been told people loved our seed of life pattern without knowing who it belonged too. But that it crucially wasn't obviously linked to Scar Tissue Clothing. We've heard it all when stopped in street or in a urban pub over last year:

    "Sweet cap bro, love that logo. But what the hell is it?"

    "What's that clothing brand logo with the 7 joined up circles you are wearing?"

    "Who is the clothing logo with that geometric circle pattern on your t-shirt?"

    "What is that logo with the 7 circles on your joggers mate?"

    "That hoodie is lit, but what is that circle logo all about?"

    The Scar Tissue Clothing logo is very different to your standard street wear brand. We wanted a circular pattern logo that would stand out from the rest, look good and most importantly have a bit of substance. Many people will look at our logo and just see seven circles all joined up to create one and now will be thinking what’s so special about that? However behind that geometric pattern and that seven-circled logo, there is a lot of meaning.

    The symmetric logo combines seven circles together in sixfold symmetry to represent the 7 days of creation. Each circle symbolises a day out of the seven. This is called the seed of life, also known as the flower of life. New beginnings and fresh starts, it should be written on our tombstone. This is also something we believe in and feel strongly about. So making this our logo was a must as it was so symbolic of our journey. It's literally the symbol of life itself, and we LIVE to design and create quality clothing. Almost makes me want to bring out in song and below out the "circle of life".

    It's been highlighted to us, that a variation of the Seed of Life logo appears on the cover of a Cold Play album cover. And a few other sources, including the Sonus festival in Croatia and some clothing. Considering it can found in The Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt, in medival art and even Leonardo Da Vinci studied and drew it (possibly while listening to an early recording of A Head Full of Dreams with Chris Martin). I think we can safely assume Cold Play were not the originators of this. The symbol is sacred, ancient and appears in all the main religions. The Seed of Life is a universally recognised symbol of creation, and the name of the pattern instantly offers insight into it's deeper purpose and meaning. It's been traced back to 4000 BC, but ultimately is about the original 7 days of creation of life itself. So while it could be argued that no-one truly owns it, we have it trademarked which is about as good as you can get.

    History aside, our meaningful logo will never ruin a photo for you. From being snapped on a night out or a little cheeky selfie, our logo will never disappoint. It always remains the same way around and forever looks good on any garment it’s placed on thanks to it's perfect circular symmetry and mirror reverse.

    So next time you see a person wearing one of our tee’s, caps, or tracksuits, you’ll understand. This is more than just a logo, it’s a way of life, it's Scar Tissue Clothing.

    clothing brand seed of life logo

    clothing brand circle geometric logo

    seed of life logo

    clothing brand joined up logo with 7 circles

    Clothing Brand Flower of Life Logo
  • Who Are Scar Tissue Clothing?

    Have you noticed that geometric looking logo on face’s such as Chet Sket or Lewis Bloor? Well that’s us here at Scar Tissue. We are a contemporary urban brand, Influenced by the street roots of our brand. Our aim is to fill the gap in the menswear market for upscale streetwear.

    Let me tell you a bit about our vision. Our logo is designed around the seed of life symbol, this quirky looking logo symbolises the first 7 stages of creation, this mirrors our designing and making process. The flower of life represents new beginnings, we are the start of a new generation in streetwear and this is our kickoff. Despite the scientific reasoning behind the seed of life symbol, it is a pretty suave design too. We design a full range of clothes from relaxed tee’s to the distinctive two piece tracksuits.

    We will never be the ordinary menswear brand, we are always striving for our designs to be unique. Each collection is based on a concept which changes from season to season. Every collection is designed to supremacy. There is no compromising throughout creation, the vision from the beginning is something we have never strayed from.

    Who is wearing scar tissue?

    When you’re pumping in fresh ideas, there is only one outcome, accomplishment. Everyone wants to be successful, so when you see an interest you always want to unite with that idea. As you can see Scar Tissue has taken a great significance to the modern menswear market, with personalities such as Ross Worswick & Sean Pratt (Ex on the Beach), John Clark & Lewis Bloor (Towie), Scott Thomas (Love island),Wayne Lineker and many more fashion icons repping our logo.

    Scar Tissue started up targeting the mens fashion market. With our knowledge of the fashion industry we knew Scar tissue wouldn’t stick to a specific gender. You ladies all love a baggy tee to style with some knee high boots, this is exactly how the girls are representing our garments. Names such as Marnie Simpson (Geordie Shore), Jemma lucy (Ex on the Beach), Zahida Allen (MTV) all looking great in our range.

    Since Scar Tissue first launched in late 2016, we have grown from strength to strength, and we have no plans on stopping. We design to please our customers and constantly listen out for any feedback you have. The target is to consistently produce quality high-end streetwear. Our ranges are informed by our customers along side everyday life inspiration, and we would love to welcome you into our family.

    Jemma Lucy Clothing

    Ross Warwick Clothing Brand